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Diversity, Disability Equality & Awareness Training - Your Online Training Solution

We provide online disability awareness training through our state of the art learning Management System. Training is accessible from any computer, 24/7.

Disability equality awareness and diversity training is a vital part of business life. The Blue-Badge training team re-educate and remove the fear and ignorance often felt when meeting those with disabilities.

There are about 10 million disabled people in Britain – one in five of the population. By 2030, 35% of the European population will include a disabled person or an aged person.

Equality is seeing the person before the disability and is the starting point to avoiding discrimination.

Our disability equality, diversity and training module is delivered via classroom or online, revealing not only the letter of the law but the intentions behind it. The training contains the right mix of awareness, equality, diversity, humour, role play and facts.

Blue-Badge fully understands the need to protect your business, staff and disabled members; helping your staff to act and communicate confidently without discrimination.

Our online training can be completed online from any pc, either work or home and the typical disability and full equality session takes a mere 60 minutes out of your working day.

If you prefer classr0om training our trainers have expert knowledge of the Equality Act (2024) as well as first hand knowledge of your equality and diversity needs.

The Equality and Human Rights commission was an independent body established by Parliament to represent all people with disabilities. In its first three years the DRC received 250000 calls.

Contact Blue Badge disability equality & awareness training today to ensure that your company or individual member of staff is not the reason for one of those calls.


Blue Badge Equality Diversity and Awareness Training

Disability Awareness Equality and Diversity Training to meet your needs