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Our Training Methods - Online and Classroom:

The Blue Badge training meets your companies needs fast and effectively. Our equality training is conveniently delivered online, from any pc at home or the office, to reduce the time your employees are away from their station as well as eliminating their need to travel.

Our studies have shown that changing the way people think about disability is the best protection against discrimination occurring.

Classroom training can also be arranged for a maximum of 15 delegates.

Our training has proven to be memorable and highly beneficial as well as protecting your company and staff through knowledge, humour and group participation.   

Our role plays and scenarios are challenging and thought provoking scenarios, revealing not only the letter of the law but the intentions behind it.

Blue Badge equality and awareness training methods have been designed with assistance from disability groups and the well as from the personal experiences of our trainers.

Blue Badge Equality Diversity and Awareness Training

Disability Awareness Equality and Diversity Training to meet your needs