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Importance of Raising Awareness:

As a society we often focus on what is wrong or different about an individual and what they can't do rather than what they can achieve.

For many the biggest obstacle they face is the attitudes created by society rather than their own impairment. These obstacles include difficulties in buildings and transport but they also include the attitudes of the people they deal with in order to access services or buy goods.

Disability and equality awareness is not only important in protecting your company name through the potential actions of your employees, it is vital.

The Equality Act now places the onus of avoiding direct and indirect discrimination into the hands of Management. This now makes management answerable for its employee's actions on disability discrimination, even if they have express instructions not to discriminate.

Disability discrimination can occur by a simple misplaced word or action. Management simply cannot stand over each employee to ensure they do not discriminate. Blue Badge disability discrimination training is first and foremost a protection for  you and your business. By ensuring your employee's have the facts, knowledge and understanding of disabilities, the chances of discrimination become very slim.

DRC Studies have shown that disability awareness training increases sales to the 1 in 7 people with disabilities in Britain today. Those Disabled people have a spending power of 8.4 billion pounds. Much of this goes unspent due to staff and sales persons not having the knowledge and bravery to correctly approach the person with disabilities.

Blue Badge removes that fear through training,replacing it with confidence that also lifts a financial barrier that many businesses simply do not attempt to tap into. People with disabilities want to spend money, by shying away from those with disabilities your employees could be doing both a injustice.

We understand your need to protect your business. Our purpose is to do that while empowering your staff to communicate confidently without discrimination regardless of another’s, background, belief or disability. Blue Badge are here to assist you in minding your own business.

This course provides the tips for more effective communication and the do’s and don’ts of assisting disabled people. Quizes, video clips and helpful guides, available to print out are included.

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